"Las ideas son menos interesantes que los seres humanos que las inventan" FranÇois Truffaut

viernes, mayo 19, 2006

En competición: Almodóvar y Linklater, frente a frente

Hoy Almodóvar y Linklater se estrenan en Cannes.

VOLVER by Pedro ALMODOVAR (In Competition)
08:30 (Grand Théâtre Lumière), 15:00 (Grand Théâtre Lumière), 19:30 (Grand Théâtre Lumière), 19:45 (Salle Bazin)

FAST FOOD NATION by Richard LINKLATER (In Competition)
11:30 (Grand Théâtre Lumière), 22:30 (Grand Théâtre Lumière)

Sight and Sound, inglesa, no le dedica la portada a la de Loach, sino a Volver.

De la crítica

Almodóvar himself is well aware of how difficult it is to sustain artistic creativity: recently he spoke of Fellini as a director who didn't know when to quit, and as Spain's own Fellini - once famous for his love of the grotesque - he must fear that he too will run out of inspiration. But his latest film bears no sign of decline. On the contrary, it continues an unbroken run of some 25 years of artistic and commercial successes that has few precedents in European cinema.

Sobre Linklater, el comentario más interesante se ha publicado en Film Comment

But this is a Linklater film, which means that motives are easily displaced or dissolved, character trajectories casually re-aligned by a stray suggestion here, a hint there... The keynote moment of this unassuming film, one of the most politically astute to come out of this country in quite some time

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