"Las ideas son menos interesantes que los seres humanos que las inventan" FranÇois Truffaut

domingo, octubre 07, 2007

El conductor de fragonetas frente al que iba ser presidente de los EE.UU.

No se entiende bien la crónica de Jorge Alcalde sobre la lucha de Mr. Dimmock contra Mr. Gore (y Mr. Brown, y Mr. Zapatero...) si no vemos los caretos de uno y otro.

Daily Mail I y II

Mr Dimmock, a lorry driver from Dover with children aged 11 and 14, said at the outset of the hearing: "I wish my children to have the best education possible, free from bias and political spin, and Mr Gore's film falls far short of the standard required...

He said it contained "just over half scientific material, 30% pure politics and about 20% sentimental mush - mush there to soften up the viewer for persuasion...."

In the scientific part, "the majority of the arguments advanced are false, or falsely exaggerated".


Dios bendiga a la Democracia. Y maldiga a los Nobel.

PD. "¿Le preocupa el calentamiento global?", le preguntó el director de la Rolling Stone en el número conmemorativo del 40º aniversario de la publicación. "¿Calentamiento? –respondió Bob Dylan–. ¿Dónde está el calentamiento global? Si hace un frío de narices".

PD original:

Do you think it's gloomy on the horizon?
In what sense do you mean?
Bob, come on.
No, you come on. In what sense do you mean that? If you're talking about in a political sense...
In a general political, spiritual, historical sense. You're talking about the end of times on this record, you've got a very gloomy vision of the world, you're saying, "I'm facing the end of my life and looking at all this..."
Aren't we all always doing that?

No, some people are trying to avoid it. But I'm trying to interview you, and you're not being very helpful with this.
Jann, have I ever been helpful?
What can I do to get you to get you to take this seriously?
I'm taking it seriously.
You're not.
Of course I am. You're the one who's here to be celebrated. Forty years...forty years with a magazine that obviously now has intellectual recognition.
[Gulp.—Ed.] Did you ever think that would happen when you started?
I was taking it seriously.

Wenner tries again: "We seem to be hell-bent on destruction. Do you worry about global warming?"

"Where's the global warming?" Dylan asks. "It's freezing here."

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Mr. Hyde dijo...

Al Gore es un pájaro de mucho cuidado. De lo único que tenemos certeza es de su extraordinario gasto de electricidad y de que quiere asustar a los niños con terribles historias de apocalipsis a la vuelta de la esquina. Por cierto, cada día está más gordo el puñetero felicidad.

Mr. Hyde dijo...

De pura felicidad, quería decir

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